The calculation of the honorarium is based on the reputation of the lawyer, the specialization and experience, the importance, the complexity and urgency of a case on the one hand and the financial possibilities of the client on the other hand.
The honorarium is usually discussed in consultation with the client.
The basic hourly honorarium = 125 EUR

A fixed or percentage rate is charged for the collection of invoices. Depending on specific agreements, a different rate can be agreed in writing, for example depending on the frequency of the (trade) relationship, the precarious situations, etc.

Telephone calls are charged at the hourly base rate of 125 EUR.

Costs (Administration and file)

Establishing of a case file = 85 EUR.
Formatting of ordinary letters = 10 EUR. This pertains to the cost of typing by the office staff, the paper, including the necessary postage stamps and envelope.
Typing = 10 EUR/page. This pertains to the typing of texts/procedural documents by the office staff, for example, settlements, protective coverings of bound documents, statements, etc.
A photocopy = 0,30 EUR/page. This pertains to the work of the office staff and the paper used, the toner and use of photocopier /printer.
- letters to client (with a copy to the insurance company and broker),
- letters from the opposition and counterparties for the insured and others,
- documentary evidence,
- protective coverings bound documents,
- decisions (in x number of copies for the court, client, legal assistance, broker, opposition, own case file),
- petitions for fixation (in x number of copies),
- verdict and/or arrest (in x number of copies),
- the settlement, etc. ...
Travel costs = 0,40 EUR/km.


The office has utilised this cost calculation for many years, based on guidelines provided by the Appraisal Commission of the Bar in Ypres, actually according to the Bar of West Flanders.

VAT of 21% must legally be added to all invoices.

Provisional invoices/cost and honorarium statements must be prepared at regular intervals in compliance with the evolution of the case file and mutual agreements.